Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh, God. Make the Hurting Stop

I was going to talk about the guy who swallowed a mini sound system to become a human jukebox, but then my brain melted and my eyes almost bled out of my head. I promise, I'll talk about him another time. There's no way I can't.

Not working for several weeks, an unfortunate round of depression, a long holiday weekend, and the various projects I've started have left my sleeping and eating schedule erratic, which made the first day of my new temp job painful.

It's boring in an eye bleeding and brain melting sort of way, but overall not entirely unpleasant. A little bird told me the well-to-do of the department are looking for someone permanent, and I am clearly a lot better than the last girl. She lasted a week, and I've spent the day correcting her mistakes or doing the work she said she did, but clearly didn't. I've already got the job aced, but I have to wonder how I managed to get a job where I have to do mat.

I failed math. Repeatedly. I failed most classes that required a lot of linear, reason based logic. In other words, most science and math. I did wonderfully in English, Art, and Philosophy. Even History wasn't too shabby. But Algebra I failed twice in college. I failed geometry in High school. I failed Statistics in High school. I barely made it through Chemistry and Physics. I wasn't too bad in Biology... but maybe that was because I was excited about dissecting dead things, incredibly fascinated by their inner workings.

I digress.

Math and I don't get along. I've forgotten how to do long division and anything not in an even increment of five or ten I need a calculator for. So, how I landed a job making sure all the numbers on the dimensions and conversions are correct beats the hell out of me. So far I've got it aced, but it's only been one day running on four hours of sleep. I still have the rest of the week to go through, and there's plenty of time to sink.

Right now I'm going to go veg out doing something that doesn't require brain power. Maybe curl up in bed with a movie until I fall asleep. Hopefully I can run on full tomorrow and I'll have something more interesting and enthusiastic to talk about.

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