Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas WTF - Part 1

(This is a part one because I'm pretty sure I'll find some more WTF moments as the holidays get into full swing.)

I was at CVS today browsing their holiday section trying to get ideas for stocking stuffers for people and I was admiring some of their ornaments when I came across ones advertised as Mom's Favorite.

Really? We are encouraging parents (mother's specifically!) to choose favorite children and bestow upon them an ornament that proclaims this for everyone to know? Why is this okay?

As children we are simultaneously hit with the ideas that "All parents have a favorite" and that "There aren't supposed to be favorites." As we get older we are told that you shouldn't pick favorites among our children, and yet we are again bombarded with the idea that we should have a favorite.

What is wrong with this? Why can't we be unbiased toward our children? Why are we being encouraged to choose favorites and to then put this favoritism on display?

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