Monday, December 13, 2010

Super Powers

I was just thinking about what super power I'd want to have. There's so many to choose from, that I don't know which I'd want most! Basically anything you can think of could be a super power, and even various combinations.

If you look at Super Man, he had at least a half dozen  different powers that made him the icon that he is. He could fly, he was invulnerable except to Kryptonite, he had super hearing, super speed, super vision, and super strength.

Then there's Spiderman who could climb walls (although their explanation for this made no sense while he was wearing gloves. How did the little feelers get through the fabric?) He also has "Spidey-sense" which is basically super hearing, super reflexes, and super sight. And then, of course, the shooting webs from newly formed glands in his wrists.

However, your average hero has only one ability that can be put to use in various and clever ways to their advantage.

So what one ability would I want?

There are some questions you need to ask yourself before you make that decision. Am I the only Super? What power would be most useful? Do I want an obvious power? Or do I want something more subtle that can be passed off as something else?

After contemplating those questions I have two choices.

My first choice, assuming there are lots of other Supers I'd be running into, would be an Empath. Think Peter from the first season of Heroes. All I have to do is hang around someone with an ability and I suddenly have that ability. I could fly, turn invisible, teleport, super strength, super speed, eidetic memory, muscle memory, telepathy, telekinesis, everything! I would be way cooler than Superman.

Of course, the likelihood of running into a lot of other people with super powers is likely pretty slim, so my second choice would be automatic muscle memory. All I'd have to do is watch someone do something and suddenly I can do it perfectly. Heck yeah! I'd be a master at just about every martial art I chose to watch. I could parkour like a champ, and have killer dance moves. Also, lockpicking, contortion, acrobatics, gymnastics, and sleight of hand.

If I could combine it with an eidetic memory, fuck yeah. Not only could I DO everything I watch, I could also REMEMBER EVERYTHING I hear and read. Bad. Ass.

Who needs super strength when you can move faster and more efficiently? Who needs school when all you have to do is read a book or article or anything and you suddenly retain all the information there in? Of course that's really only useful for things other than basic fact if you're smart enough to understand and comprehend the information.

So what is your preferred super power(s)?

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