Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Human Jukebox

How would you like to walk around blasting music from inside your gut? More specifically, how would you like for people to send in requests about what songs to have playing from your gut?

Well. That's what this guy did.

On November 27  Fredrik Hjelmquist, CEO of Pause Home Entertainment, swallowed the worlds smallest wireless sound system.

I first heard about him from Wade who read about him on Gizmodo. The whole article, complete with video, can be found here.

Apparently this guy loves sound, and to him it's not about size. In this instance, apparently it doesn't matter. What matters, says Hjelmquist, is the quality. Of course, he says this with a GIANT speaker system behind him. Right.

The sound system he swallowed is a capsule shape roughly the size of a large horse pill, and now people from all over the world can go to his website and make song requests via facebook.

Pretty cool, right? Guy's got balls, that's for sure. He even stocked up on laxatives and ipecac to make sure he could get the thing out.

Of course the guy's got a cause. No one does this for no reason, it's too good a gimic for that. He's doing it for publicity.

Rock on, Frederik. Rock on.

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