Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Challenge Yourself

There are many many people who come and go into and out of everyone's life. Rare is the person whose presence makes you feel smarter, happier, and generally more content with lie and the world around you.

I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting one such person. She has been spending the summer with us and she has opened my eyes to a lot of things I otherwise wouldn't have discovered. As a free speech activist she has brought my attention to how often our rights are challenged, and how people either don't realize it, don't care, or don't know they can do anything about it.

She has also taught me bits and pieces about Neuro Linquistic Programming, which I have begun to take a great interest in. It's kind of scary how easily the human brain can be programmed, deprogrammed, and reprogrammed. How we have been programmed from a young age to follow basic commands when they are given by people who are perceived to be in authority. (Bavarian Fire Drill anyone?) How most of the people going to NLP conferences are not individuals trying to better themselves, but top sales men.

She challenges me on a daily basis to think on a deeper and larger scale. That the universe is not always as it seems, that Nikola Tesla was probably right, that everything we know, or think we know, about science is wrong. That the tricerotops probably isn't even a dinosaur.

Some of this may seem extreme lines of thinking, but after doing some of my own reading and research, of talking extensively with her and my fiance, as well as others, that she is right, or at least mostly right.

So, I challenge all of you to rethink your views and beliefs. Re examine everything you know. Deprogram yourself and learn to recognize programming when you see it. Fight for your rights to free speech, but also exercise your right to silence.

I will talk more about all of this in detail later. Right now, the work monster is calling me.

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