Friday, January 29, 2010

Yet another blog entry

I work in a call center as a temp, but I'm angling for scoring a full time gig. Problem is, I have yet to meet anyone that is anything like me. Sure a few of them do or used to play wow, but I mean... that's like... EVERYONE plays wow. Besides, I quit wow. After 4 years of playing on and off, the charm wore off.

I mention nerdcore and they're like "What?" I mention D&D and they give me a weird look. Forum gaming, I get an invisible pat on the head.

It's kind of hard to find people that are located physically near me that are into the same things I am. Or that even get the references I refer to (Nrrrd Girl, anyone).

My fiance is a total geek, but a different brand of geek. We have equal odds whether we click or clash on anything geeky. (It's rare we can play a video game together, totally different play styles.)

I just can't sit there and talk about how awesome MC Chris and MC Frontalot are, or the shenanigans my character got into last week at the D&D game, nor even the latest video game I'm playing (unless it's something like wow or bioshock.. which I still haven't played).

It's kind of sad that 90% of the people I know I communicate with primarily through digital means, or I met them through digital means, or we used to live near each other but now we don't so rely on IM's and the occasional phone call. But I suppose that's the price we pay for being geeks. A little harder to hit it off with someone at a club or a coffee shop.

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